For over 30 years the principals at GMPA Architects, J. Kobi Moses, AIA and Monika Moses, AIA, have been providing creative design solutions for challenging projects – many having received awards and recognition from prominent industry associations. GMPA’s principals and designers know how to deliver efficient and elegant mid and high-rise projects. They also understand what makes a project successful within the NIMBY communities so prevalent in Southern California. This combination of urban design expertise and local “neighborhood-smarts” has resulted in the creation of many of Southern California’s most successful redevelopment, infill and mixed-use projects.

GMPA was founded on the principle that architecture is the foundation of human experience. Over the past two decades urban architecture in Southern California has required making places for people in cities which historically consisted exclusively for commercial and industrial use. Therefore, creating quality of life in these cities has required establishing a level of comfort and safety that positively influence the quality of life for all.

We believe that good urban design can be achieved by balancing dense development with access to open space and transportation options. The basis of urban architecture is designing buildings that relate or belong to a city. A characteristic of good urban architecture is being a benefit to the majority of people—creating high density, sustainable, walkable communities where people’s use of natural resources is minimized.