Our Philosophy

Our vision is to recreate urban communities. To connect people, stimulate creativity, enhance safety and nurture the soul through architecture. Many urban buildings designed in the past few decades have an inward focus, isolating inhabitants from their neighbors. We believe in designing spaces for living, working, shopping and healing that bring people together. Spaces where face-to-face communication thrives.

It is our goal to recapture communities from “architecture that isolates” and create places that become the heart and soul of a community, enhancing the area as a whole. The type of place were taking a walk is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The excitement of a great urban environment can be found in the sights and sounds of the street. Through architecture, we strive to create the kind of experience where the focus is as much on the journey as it is on the destination.

With urban architecture comes a wide range of challenges. We understand how to navigate the development process in areas where land is at a premium and commercial zones overlap with residential neighborhoods. The cost of development increases significantly in the face of neighborhood opposition, zoning code restrictions, and land and construction material cost escalation. We work with our clients throughout the planning and preconstruction stages of their projects, providing assistance with site selection, master planning, entitlements, and agency and neighborhood approvals. And we remain at our client’s side to celebrate the successful completion of a project that makes a positive contribution to the community and their bottom line.